About Us

Omega hospital is the first truly dedicated super specialty & cardiac hospital of dakshina kannada providing the highest standards of clinical expertise and nursing care at affordable cost. Omega Hospital is committed to the highest quality standards of medical excellence. This commitment is supported by a comprehensive quality assurance programme, with standards continually monitored through rigorous internal and external audit.

Our priority is to ensure that all patients are cared for in a way that is safe, effective, efficient and fair, and we strive to provide high-quality services to meet our patients’ needs. The accreditations we have been awarded, and those we are currently working towards, reflect our dedication to providing world-class healthcare.

We are continually striving to improve our service and care, and any comments and feedback help us to do this. As part of this, we carry out regular patient satisfaction surveys, feedback from patients, as well as to facilitate knowledge transfer between the hospital and our patients. This is important in order to retain an expert clinical research workforce within omega Hospital, and to facilitate high-quality research for the benefit of our patients.

Founded in 2001, the hospital situated in a convenient, central Mangalore location, with easy access by road, rail and air.

“To be a centre of excellence in health care to increase the longevity and improve quality of life”

“To provide affordable and quality health care for all”

Care and Concern

Care and Concern: Superior technology, complex treatment modalities, expert surgeons, allocated space are all important pre requisites for any successful medical centre, but the most important cohesive spirit needed to draw out the best from all these is an intense concern and care for every patient.

Specialists: The doctors at the Institute are highly qualified from premier Institutes of India and have to their credit National and International Degrees in Ophthalmology and a rich medical and surgical experience.

Ethics and Transparency

Ethics and Transparency: Omega Hospital follows the most ethical medical practices for the best interest of its patients.

The Hospital is integral, honest, transparent and accountable to all entities who deal with it which include patients, staff, associates, suppliers, government, etc.

Team Omega

Team Omega: Omega Hospital has built a vibrant set of human resources and a participative system of decision-making and work is carried out with clockwork sincerity and the dedicated efforts of over 200 team members who work tirelessly with the singular objective of simply providing the most sensitive patient care. The team members adopt a simplistic, earnest approach to work and serve; with a keen sense of improvement and constant ability to identify and adapt to change.

The administration team comprises of professional management experts and healthcare administrators. Empowerment is facilitated through the appointment of dedicated resources for Patient Care Services, Management of Operation Theatres and Inpatient Facilities, Finance and Human Resources and subsequent decentralization of activities.

Additionally, a focused approach on functional and motivational workshops for ongoing skill upgradation that is customized for officers, front end team, doctors, security guards and the housekeeping team help shape not only skills but more importantly attitudes at the work place.